Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Outfit #05 + Camden Town - From London, with love.

I was wearing, Friday 10/08/2012:

  • Dress - H&M (5€) SUMMER SALES 2012
  • Sunglasses - Ardene (2€) SUMMER SALES 2012
  • Purse - Primark
  • Vans
  • Denim jacket - Vintage

 Camden Town is so amazing. Friday was a really lovely day to wander, discover new things and enjoy a bit of fresh air and the sight of people. I got a few really nice bargains (vintage and UK stuff) and enjoyed a super sweet smoothie! I took the chance to take some pictures, there were really really nice things to see, but once again, the best thing is the atmosphere.

Besides the stalls where I bought a Union Jack vest and a Union Jack jumper I bumped into a shop called Rokit. I bought a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a loose turquoise hoodie which were 5 pounds each, so, if you're around, it's completely recommendable!

I know it's a little bit confusing to get updates about old things but I really try my best to make some time to work on this! The departure date is getting closer, I've got lessons in the morning and this is non-stop!

Anyway, I'm taking pictures everyday and they will be posted as soon as I can! This is really an endless city and it's hard to handle it all. Sometimes we just want to go for a walk, see shops and people and that's how we usually end up in Oxford Street, which is quite nice because that means that I walk past the College of Fashion very often, ha!

By the way, I went to the Sunday UpMarket in Brick Lane on Sunday (how obvious) and it is a MUST VISIT if you're truly interested in fashion. I got to know a few independent designers, I bought a few things too, not as cheap as Primark but these guys have to get their work recognized and must be supported! So, in two updates time, I'll talk about it! :)

Once again, thank you very much for reading and I guess, this is all. I leave you to some of my shots of Camden. I hope everyone's having a good time, and please don't forget to talk to me if you've got questions, enquiries, comments or whatever!



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  6. I'm so happy that you like it!
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    1. this is really a cool houndstooth dress! i have to stop by h&m now i think;) and i love how you paired it with your denim jacket and sneakers!

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  8. I love the pink houndstooth!
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