Monday, 20 August 2012

Outfit #06 + M&M's World, BT Live at Hyde Park - Back in Madrid.

I was wearing, Saturday 11/08/2012:

  • Knit top - Blanco (13€) SUMMER SALES 2012
  • Black bralet - Zara (2'99€) SUMMER SALES 2012
  • High waisted denim shorts - Rokit (5£) VINTAGE
  • Sunglasses - Ardene (2€)
  • Fringed brown bag
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklace as bracelets
  • Long silver earring
  • Black socks

Oh, man, I'm so sorry for the delay! I'm home since last Saturday and I must say that it was as if London didn't want me to leave, HEATHROW WAS HELL. Everything that could happen to me did. But now I have finally turned on the computer and I'm here, ready to show you more nice things from the city of my dreams, so let's get back to the 11th of August!

Wearing the outfit you see above I went for a walk around the city before bumping into Hyde Park for the concert that The View was giving that evening, Scottish lads own my heart.

So, to stroll on the streets led me to see that enormous M&M's world that I had heard about but which wasn't such a big deal for me... until I walked in! The ones working there are SWEETHEARTS, the place is a museum and you get free M&M's all the time! I got a small bag, just to sweeten myself and I loved it!

After that bit of necessary quantity of chocolate for the day I went for the aim of my day: the BT live! The atmosphere around Hyde Park was marvellous. You know that festival thing, fresh air, the sun, good music, beer going all around, maxi dresses, enormous sunglasses... Plus the Olympic feeling! It was an AMAZING day. And after 4 years I finally got to see The View.

It was nice to see them because they played songs from their new album mainly so, what's a better way to get to know the tunes than live? I had listened to a few of them during the flight but there's no comparison.

So, yes, that was basically my Saturday, two weeks ago. I miss London already.

Now it's time to give feedback to all of you, nice lovely people who take time to come and write a few sweet words!



ps.I'm leaving for California on Saturday so be ready for packing posts!


  1. Your knit top is very cool, and I love your accessories!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! And to answer your question, yes! Litas are very comfortable. Even though they are high heels :)

  2. eat if you're hungry!
    oh, are amazing.
    glad you had great time!
    I need to travel somewhereee, I'll get insaneee!!!ha.ha.
    anywayyyys, thank you for visiting!:)


  3. wow you are such a traveler!

  4. haha I completely understand - me - a good student (haha) is moving to Portugal in 3 weeks:)

  5. Ah! I love that top so much! You look great chica! I love your blog btw and I am glad I found it! Would you like to follow each other if you like my blog too? :]

  6. LOVE the knit top! It looks like you had tons of fun! =D


  7. You look stunning and Love your style!
    Following you,please follow back to keep in touch through comments

  8. wow!!! that looks really cool!

    xoxo from rome

  9. you've oryginal style! "D
    maybe we can follow eatch other?

  10. Nice pics.^^
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  11. your blog is really fantastic <3 it's so pretty <3 I've also a blog :) If do ypu like it also we can follow each other :D ((let me know))

  12. Thank you so much for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc. Have a nice day!!!

  13. Hola corazon, adoro la entrada, siento no haberte comentado antes, pero he estado de vacaciones y no tenía internet para poder estar pendiente del blog.
    Adoro el outfit en si, es sencillamente perfecto, me encanta, de verdad, y tambien me encantan todas y cada una de las entradas que no he podido comentar, un beso enorme, espero tus nuevos posts con muchas ganas
    Por cierto eres el blog de la semana, aunque como estamos a miercoles, te posteo hoy como blog de la semana pero seguiras siendo la que viene
    un saludooo

  14. something for you on my blog!:)

  15. All of your accessories are AWESOME! I love your style! I am definitely following you now! I just started a blog and would LOVE for you to stop by :)
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  16. Nice pictures! Maybe you wanna follow each other? I will always followe you back!

  17. Love your style!

  18. Love your blog! ^.^

    I am a new follower. Hope you follow me too!!!
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  19. very nice pics, I like your blog, do you mind if we follow each other?

  20. cool knit top!

    columns of candies woo!

  21. oh this knit top is fabulous darling!

  22. Thanks for the wonderful words on my blog! :)
    Great photos, I feel like I took a quick vacation just looking at your photos! :)


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    I need your address to send you what you won :)!
    Please, E-Mail me again here:

    Thank you :)!

  24. Awesome outfit!!! I love lace top and denim shorts! They look food on u!

  25. Ugh, that outfit is so amazing! I feel like I should burn my whole wardrobe and start from scratch! Also, m&m world is always great <3

  26. The knit top is very pretty, and we like a lot the jewelry too.
    You have a very cool blog, thanks for sharing.
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