Monday, 2 February 2015


For some reason, it's been so difficult for me to get up these days. While my eyes were wide open at 7:30 am everyday during the first semester, this one it seems a miracle.

It may be the coziness and warmth of the duvet, it may be how mentally-tired I probably still am or perhaps I'm just being lazy - not to mention these grey days are not helping at all.

I am trying quite hard to find the formula which will make me stop snoozing my alarm but nothing seems to work for now!

In the meantime, I'm keeping Mondays easy - the week is just starting, no need to stress just yet.

With a lovely cup of lemon water and my journals on point I am going to have a glance at the week, plan my days and organise my time ahead.

It's not only that you need to make time for everything you have to do, you need to make time for organising everything you have to do as well, that'll save you some bitter surprises as knowing what's coming makes you feel in control.

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