Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Pictures have been compiled by myself - Source: Harper's Bazaar

There's this debate going around whether this girl is actually a good model or not, if she deserves to be where she is, if she had got there if she hadn't been a Jenner and so on. To be honest, I have zero intentions to go into that, I never even stopped for a second made a mind about it, I simply don't have an opinion.

For me, it's all about herself on a daily basis (I'm addicted to celebrity candids, I'll admit that). She has that Audrey Hepburn air (not to compare), her small frame and minimal looks as well as her defined face and simplicity when it comes to clothes - nothing to do with her sis, but that's another topic.

Whenever I'm lacking ideas I'll just check out some pictures and it'll always help. There's something from her outfits I will easily find in my wardrobe and just by throwing some greys and blacks together you achieve the edgy look - don't forget about a good pair of shoes!

This is living proof you don't need to overdress yourself. You've heard them say that less is more and now we also know that less definitely looks cooler.
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